present the truth to evaluate

Our nation only knows what they hear and see, and they have not been presented the truth to evaluate.

Our nation still believes that sex offenders can not be cured.
As long as any nation chooses to tear down its people, its people will suffer at that nations power mongers hands.
Please look for my new book, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About America's Presidents* *But Were Afraid To Ask.
Hear is the Preface for your review provided you have time.
In the following pages you will read about the forty two men who have attained the highest political office in the American the Presidency.
Moreover, you will learn of many other patriotic Americans whose contributions to the success of our nation were equally important.
Additionally, you will be taken on a pre-revolutionary tour of Boston where you will read about many of the events which led to our independence.
As a young boy, Mac was raised in and around Boston, where America's history, from pre-Revolutionary days to the present, reveals itself at every turn. Mac, said however, he too often passed by historical landmarks without ever realizing their importance; he could not have cared less.
American history was far down the list of my favorite school subjects for Mac and I had to used my Government book to keep my lunch money by gluing it inside my notebook and using it like a mace. However, after graduating from high school and moving to California, his attitude changed.
Returning home for short visits, Mac developed an interest to visit the many sites which He had previously ignored discovering the historical relevance to everyday life. With each succeeding trip Mac visited as many landmarks as time would allow - - Plymouth Rock, Salem, Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill,
Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Washington D.C. and Mount Vernon, Virginia. Armed with his camera, Mac captured a pictorial essay which was entertaining as well as educational. These slides, and the commentary that went with them, expanded rapidly to four one-hour presentations which Mac was pleased to deliver to service clubs, schools, hospitals, church organizations, and even to teacher's groups.
I met Richard L. MacMurray on the fish line from Atascadero State Hospital were he was raped by three guys who wanted to teach a sex offender a lesson.
It was my 1st day on the job and I was asked to look out for him. Giving a 24hr. heads up I had the night to think just what would I like offered to me when I arrived in prison. The options were without end, but there was one common thread. What was this guys desire, and how could I turn it into a positive for everyone where something good could come from it.
I asked one of the guys to check in with him. Sit with him and talk to him and find out what he wants to do with his time. He told us his need to write a book, a history book.
The best thing for anyone is to have a purpose and the D-Quad Psych. Department inmate staff chose to join the project. Mac decided to really get serious and spent hours in the library, as well as in book stores, researching each President for uncommon, yet noteworthy stories.
Mac orchestrated the guys on the project having them incorporate their studies in classes missed in the real world wile Mac worked hard to help each one with their studies wile gleaning more information for the book.
All I had to do was sit with him for an hour each morning on the yard till the gate racked to go to his teachers’ assistant job at the prison. Once he was in the education area he was in his environment. Each morning he would feed the birds with bread which he took from the chow hall.
After about a year passed and I was giving him bread I took for him along with others dropping off bread out of site of the guards. Mac spent the hour each morning with us helping us learn wile feeding the birds.
We knew the only investment we could make that could not be taken away was an investment in ourselves and looking after Mac had become important to us.
We had questions that would sometimes take a week or two for us all to agree on an answer. We found our viewpoint was in essence quite like our founding fathers viewpoint since they were the criminals of their time looking to survive and grow in a new place. Others would join in on the yard and soon D Quad was not divided by ethnic foolishness. The D-Quad Psych. Department inmate staff was doing a project that was getting some outside attention which meant less pressure. The guys were a mix matched batch of everything from Tyranny's to Homophobes but we could all appreciate the honesty of men who also had something more important than themselves.
Mac was especially grateful to a long-time friend Mike Birkholrn. Mike not only encouraged him from the very beginning, but he also offered the resources of his company (Hemmings, Birkholm & Grizzard) to publish the manuscript in October 1993 Dr. Ken Barclay of California Polytechnic University (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo), offered much encourage­ment and advice.
The office of Congressman Bill Thomas (R-Calif. 21st District) provided up to date information on Cabinet Officers, Supreme Court Justices, government agency addresses, and other statistical information.
The last time I really saw Mac was when he told me he was going to be placed in the civil commitment program. I had an offer from the California Department of Corrections to place a microchip in my hand so I was going home in about a month. Our support system was breaking down and Mac looked rough. He knew I was sad for him and he forgave me for not attending at the gate and he was going to cell up.
That was the day he gave me a signed copy of our book with a note to my mom and step dad letting them know I was making positive use of the time.
The four years we were incarcerated at the same facility the topic was the human factor in history and understanding we are all imperfect.
What our founding fathers chose was to build not destroy yet instead of sending a nation to college we send our most valued resource, humans to prisons.
The process of punishment is counter productive in my humble opinion, sending someone to college seems more productive allowing perspective when most inmates come in believing the world is still flat. Please tell me why a child who wan't to see breast should suffer or the young woman that find pleaser in pleasuring someone should find themselves before a court/priest/clergy member or any authority at all? Priest will say the child is young and difficult, unworthy of forgiveness and will do it again so I should be able to exact punishment and her punishment is oral sex with the priest, but if she dose that for the man that feeds her or buys her things he and she should go to prison? I know and have seen theses incredibly ridiculous reasoning played out in real life. The grotesque idea that what is good is not for another? Sex laws must go and no frog in a pillow or young boy who feels he needs attention from the church by getting prayed over ever few months to keep in favor or spotlight will change the fact that sex laws are as outdated as any laws can be outdated.