Life is Far Too Short For Sex Laws

Genocide Week in America! 
So you say you want to end Genocide?
There is a faction since the late 60's who
learned to take one side of an issue to better
fight for the other side of that same issue.
It's call social media.

These people will set up a web site for the
end of the death penalty in order to get
information to better impose their agenda.

Amy Kolbchar has got to be one of the
most prolific genocide promoters on this
Planet. Sex laws make transients or
political prisoners. When their transients
then they can be killed quietly and without
You think I am joking try Googling "murdered
transient" and you get about 450million hits,
but do that online in news and get a page or
two of information. Nameless thousands were 
buried in a mass grave memorial in Glendale Ca.
just a month ago all unidentified persons.
The political right wingNuts will sacrifice
their children, go to jail, harm others,
blow up doctors, lawyers, and even mutilate
themselves and others over sex, who has
some,,, or not. Seems perfectly healthy
too them, (case in point I come from one of 
these such families who back in the 50's 
feared escalators so much that they got 
together with other such families and fead
a child to one in the Tacoma Washington area
yet they would say in esence don't touch my
daughter but I can feed her to an escalator?)
 and that is why during my life
of following the political arena the same
right wingNuts have the same message and
the same complaints and the same solutions
which have failed us all the same way yet
no matter how many times they iron the same
shirt the same wrinkles are there. Sex is
something people do and life is far too short
for sex laws. No matter how many times/what
sacrifice they make its just people
manipulating people through laws that
make them powerful. Look at the cyber
so called threat, don't you see they want
this control, their own pipe in plumbing
like Stevens would say, insulated from/for
control like prisons with no cameras inside
Supreme court with no camera and even when
there is one and the tape is asked for by
a judge their control allows them to send
partial information.
You don't know what goes on in there and you
trust the ,,, huh? Sex laws make rich scandals
and poor crimes who own homes, businesses in 
competition with outer businesses and people 
wonder why most small businesses fail in the first
year as pressures increase and someone makes
a mistake, political power wants a auto shop out 
of the area and sends some hot chick in to exchange 
sex for the bill only to ruin them. I can go on but
you get the picture,,, right?, and if we
think the left is any better, at the top
they are all the same and have strings attached
to the same agenda, people, money direction
puppeteers with one track minds and we wonder
why most just vote no on everything? 
Every move begets more pain from government 
who is here to help us all? Right into more war,
more damage, more weapons with expiration
dates, and more excuses why we should use
them and sex seems to work. It's worked for
so many years we are paying now to park on
the street in front of our own homes unless
we have an exemption sticker and who
dispenses those?
Lets get real someday and stop living in a make
believe worlds developed by long term planers
with billions to invest in their own futures
that include the drain of the many for the
maintenance of the few who need so desperately
to tell us all how to live and what to do when
life is far too short.

See years ago some people got the right to
work with some transportation laws concerning
auto safety but were not satisfied with helping
people drive safer cars by designing them to
absorb the energy in an accident, they wanted
to absorb the energy of our lives.

Later they passed laws incorporating religious
ideals calling them safety regulations and
incorporated missing children. Over time they
have evolved into a subcultures of complete
imbeciles passing laws catering to people who
see dead people and use the media to build
into the myth that everything is some supernatural
evil. That can never be a legitimate excuse to
explain away what people are doing concerning
sex laws. There is always someone telling someone
what to do or who to do it too and usually the one 
saying they are in authority will set up  another 
to be the patsy. Case in point some kid tells
another they are the one in authority, 
(the hall monitor as it were?), tells 
another likes being forced to kiss. Chances are
that one telling the other has already done that
and struck out and is by use of the directed
action gets that second chance after the new
prospect strikes out. I'm not sure how better to
explain but kids use adults, adults use kids
especially when they are to busy to do everything
themselves, that's why there is a page system
in Washington, a intern system in education
and so forth. Pages will struggle for position
with other pages, interns do the same and
who wins, the most ruthless? The one catering 
too the powerful and then we get the Chris Dodds
of the world.

This is a policy of ours just like the policy
of having someone set up with a bait car or
the policy of a DEA agent offering to sell
drugs or a FBI agent offering cocane to an
auto manufacture to stop someone from getting
powerful enough to build cars in the case of
The Delorean Motor Company, we have people
in power willing to harm others for the power
to lord over others. We saw this when a Baptist
 church group was stopped from taking children
from the Island of Jamaica after a tsunami
for what, adoption? These kids parents may
or may not have died but International laws
were being ignored. Children were being trafficked
and still whole provinces will pool together
to get their kids in a box to be shipped to
America to work in the sex trade to build their
town a church, temple or synagog and is this
the thing one church wants to stop over another
church for control like a theater chain over
 another theater chain in some cosmic struggle?

Laws intruding on people concerning sex and
must be abolished because people who turn
a transportation safety department into
a mess we have now need to be stopped now.
They are responsible for their actions since 
the outcome is a hidden Genocide being conducted 
in America by a few mentally disturbed people 
that have changed auto safety laws into a way 
literally making people nameless and killing them.
All over the introduction of a car named after
a vgina, or I can spell it out (Volvo).

Ask corneal Klink if we don't think we are 
next, and what it did for Europe in the 
30's and 40's.

Our media fake News Shows have for for four
decades+ now lied to America pushing bogus
information about sex offenders simply 
because they really did not know and now 
that the information is clear and the torture 
has been questioned by courts finding they really
were attaching electrodes to people because 
they have a belief it's their job to harm  
someone for touching someone and the human
experiments conducted rivaled Joseph Mangolia 
while they were being held in indefinite 
detention in locations like the infamous 
location hellhole in mid-state Florida. 

We all know the recidivous rate is lower than
almost any crime and the waste of funds 
can never be justified by these so called
god people willing to torture for no good reason.
So as it's said for some there is no truth in them.
Well over time I find the intimacy belonging
to people is not to be trifled with by laws 
intruding into their bedrooms regardless of 
who those are. Now please don't
get me wrong, I do feel that anyone who takes
care of a home is doing a full time job. I 
once knew a woman on welfare who had many 
children and the state felt she needed to work 
and send her kids to daycare. She would on a good
day ride a bus 2 and a half hrs. one way and the 
same back and on a bad day it would take her four
hours to get too work and the same to get home 
to do her four hrs work. She would miss her 
children as much as 12 hours a day and all the 
the money she made over that intrusion was spent
on travel to and from, work, daycare, and she bagged 
her lunch. For her sex laws was slavery as much
as it were for her husband working in prison. 
So anyway you slice it sex laws are slavery, 
and women cry "I got touched? We have people
with cancer, children with cancer, 
 homeless, with kids the list too 
long to mention, all the things that can go 
wrong in life and someone is so self centered
to use sex laws? The use of such laws say more 
about the user of the law than the one the law 
is used upon, saying I got touched. Look at 
Berma and sanction levied on them, same thing 
the sanctions on poor say more about the 
sanction-eers than Burma. It's just a very 
poor excuse to create wealth through self-centered 

We have given them an inch and they think
their rulers.