Stardate: November 19th 2011 Final log

The Anatomy of the Sex Laws  (by: Keith Richard Radford Jr  - 
Propionates for the sex offender registry are also behavioral science propionates who will never be satisfied by any thing ever, simply put they will have you serving jail time for missing an oil change if they could get away with it because they are control freaks using the same methods of 1.) Definition: Legislation against a group, 2.) Expropriation: Confiscation of property to accumulate wealth, 3.) Concentration: Confinement to prison to retain resources, Labeling, 4.) Einsatzgruppen: The creation of sex offender free zones, 5.) Deportation: The creation of high speed rail is the avenue use by Hitler to murder millions and in Poland it was done in 90 days, The creation of Getmo under the guise of terrorism but what is more terrorist than the sex offender registry when the definitions of terrorism "IS" "Organized Intimidation"? and 6.) Death Camps which is what these people calling for a sex offender registry keep trying to have people believe, that sex offenders never change, Good Nazi's huh? I would say the people that use these arguments have lacked sound reason and the time it takes to review the extent of of this law and the ramifications of their argument when they use the argument that they stand on the high moral ground on this issue but that would be a lie because they have not got a leg too stand on. These studies have been done in the past but they always win because they control everything, Like the music companies, Television, Movies, through powerful means and if you are a part of any of these industries and try to break into the business you know what I mean.

  See think about it, If the condition of the law is to promote love and their terrorist activity only destroys the relationship of people by use of laws then the law has no validity concerning it's implementation. 

Say a situation like mine where the same people that paid to create these laws were also the people that used me through my life, drugging me as a child, placed devices under my skin, arranging marriages too, a gay person, efforts to get me to marry, things Planed Parenthood calls their job putting me in situations that actually placed me in dangerous situations, and then expecting me to survive the conditions in a state of deprival to make their lives warm and fuzzy at my expense to the glory of god/God/Gods/and person that says they are doing what they do in his name? HA! I got enough documented proof,,, a fricking truckload of proof documented that shows all they are doing is destroying the love no matter how good or bad that love is they destroy "it" in the name of, and if God "IS" love then they are destroying who?  No I say too you "The People" that use such an argument will argue for the sake of argument and need the squelch turned up on them like media outlets that have nothing more to offer mankind. Look at the numbers they are the 1%'s few in numbers, powerful and wealthy but not at all healthy of mind. Like I said before they think kids come from Taxi's/Stork's? 95% plus of all sex offenses are committed by someone "NOT" on the sex offender registry, Our government is in the trafficking as well as the articales where the Baptist Church was stopped from stilling children, and we see what is done in Mexico through groups selling kids, Drug dealers take kids too Mexico to sell them for the money owed where the age of content is 12 years old and the predominate population of American jails and prisons are full of people caught up in these poorly constructed laws that leave Thunderbirds, Chupacabras, Werwolf's, UFO's and every other posable sen-Air- or Oreo (explanation)   available to be blamed for the disappearances of or Abduction of a child, yet over 90 thousand kids die every day in the world. 

The fact remains California came up with this bright idea and California is now bankrupt. The people used the same business strategies the "Third Rite" used during the Second World War in Europe and the German people are the ones trying their best to warn us of the calamity of this process because they have been down that road and know where it ended up. but "NO" American Celebrities, ball players, music industry wives and other non profit (so called) agents want to somehow non profit themselves into a honor place in time, but what you don't know is that our system puts kids in cults and then punishes those cults when caught just like our DEA deals drugs sell drugs and when someone needs a bust the sloppy operator goes down. The diplomatic amenity will put the super rich on a jet after any crime and Americas poor pays for it all while the ones in a position to do their share refuse to pony up. The cancer socities sadly prey on the dying and get the cancer victim to donate their belongings to the group which live off the victim of cancer like another cancer and the fund raiser for the church will have the old women give her home to the church before they will give it to their unruly off spring, and what did Mummer Gaddafi call his people, Rats?  

I once met a person with a satiable for horses and when someone could not afford to take care of their horse they would come to this person to ask if they would feed their horse and take care of it and they could rent the horse out to ride.  Should that person after the horses prior owner stops visiting even when the conditions are to come and brush the animal refuse too sell the animal too a glue factory? Should they have got involve or was it all bad planning on both part? Does to wrongs make a right?

I know no one reads comments or even likes my writings since the subject hurts. Well walk a hundred miles in my Mohicans and see how you feel. See I know, I 've seen it all by assignment and the news is the answer did not change from the last time, they just found better ways to hide the conclusion. Please read the rest of the stories and see for yourself that peoples interventions in others lives only give people a false deity to try to impress through a human trying to out serve the other when truth is if there is/were/has been a god, and god is/was/is wisdom there would never be sex laws, simply because the outcome of such laws are uncontrollable by the controllers setting themselves over others in the chain of the process proved time and time again through time.

Best regards,
Keith Richard Radford Jr
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