Eradication of Trolls or Sheen Blood?

The American war machine wants to eradicate the Trolls The war machine in America is killing Trolls in Afghanistan Pakistan and other stans while making a stand against drugs. These tribesmen farming there lands for thousands of years and given their historic relationship with wine one can understand their aversion to ripping out poppy's to grow grapes. The Grendel's of our own making are not ours to command by not honoring their humanity. The evolution of our time is the coming together of Muslims and Jews, who have yet to reform their own thinking concerning sibling revelry. Survival of Americas economy does not depend on adjustment when we are just not there yet. Assigning fate to a class, race, ethnic, sexual orientation, posture or gender of mankind is no different than the fight taken up by the haters or proponents of Zog/ the new world order both identified by the snake eating its own tail, while the world is reduced to the Genna 6 playground of men. As long as there is a son to stand the inhumanity of mans story will be told just like Grendel's, and the greedy will be exposed for their inability to justly get along in peace. Even Grendel's Mother from the sea fought for her son and Beowulf lamented the slaughter knowing full well his act severed humanity knowing his actions were counter productive and wrong. The process requires a coming together as one and there is compromise. When Ademijad told of a country void of gays and we are making every effort to destroy sex offenders lives, are we as christens helping or hindering the process of uniting brothers. Humanity in America has lost its way when diplomatic resolutions can not be achieved by mens unwillingness to bend. Casting stones just prolongs the process. China's standard of living falls short of tolerable, when fear of speaking out brings Monks to the streets. America's waste of energy to the point of converting food to drive fart bubbles stinking up the world setting the worst example for the people in China who we are asking to convert their inhumanity to love. Compromise has brought us Christmas in December when October is more tolerable because the process is suffering. The suffering of sex offenders have been counter productive to peace in the world. Peace. Keith Richard Radford Jr. Burbank, California USA