Who really is the bad guy? by Keith Richard Radford Jr.

WitSec and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Incorporated Taiwan through the Republic of China around the year 2000 to build a new wall in cyber-land. This wall is designed to allow secrets of Joe-Joe's misconduct after his alliance with law enforcement. Joe- Joe gets targeted, busted and gets out because he is a tool to get at someone local government feels the need to keep from the dinner table of life at that moment in time like China. And the beat goes on. Now that this corruption has peaked the need for these name changed individuals in the whiteness protection system who contracted regardless of their true motives still need to be carried out, but at what cost? Inner city's have police run houses of ill repute where any Joe-Joe homeless vet can find food and drugs when the military insurance won't cover pot without a section8 because no stand up citizen with any morals would even look their way. Have you been asked for the time of day by anyone in real need lately? Would you stop, call a cop or run to your car and push the button that would do it for you Batman? Joe-Joe moves up, and is seated at the table lips sown shut and the beat goes on. DHS is the breading ground for Joe-Joe's always looking for that next merit badge when the scraps given always come at the price of humanity and a name change. We still have to wonder how nukes were delivered to Korea but the connection to a new site aiming arms at Russia has no ring to truth when China has been listening in on the chefs serving the hosts. Our tax dollars are picking up the tab wile lists are made. If this goes like the model city of Baghdad all the chefs\hosts are the list they are looking for when, IBM, Monsanto, Dow and others like them don't care where they cut. It's not personal with them its just business. Bad business but they are big boys and their connections with England are imperative after Swift changes have been made in parliament over the last few months and the endorsement of Brock Obama who designed this who thing and I greatly admire. Bill Gates can never be used anymore after his sell of his company and the construction of his operating [system] which us clearly a bottle neck to open source which I also support. I am a searcher of many thing and when I got into video I held strong to the way PC's worked with it but we may be looking at MAC's soon. Microsoft's internet explorer uses locks but, one of these locks can be sidestepped using Firefox as your browser where some of the video operation liabilities in Avid can be sidestepped but login is required again, what is that about? The real trouble is with the filter used by intelius.com were all sex offenders are run through a verb filter. Offend/Molest/etc are verbs filtered by a groups who are profiting greatly politically and economically by selling this [system] information at a rising rate by families looking for members. Especially now that their satellites are complicating the situation. I have not told you anything you don't already know but I have so much more.... I have been doing all I can to get these guys free since being in jail in the 80's and meeting people who had been incarcerated for years in San Bernardino County jail without a single phone call or their rights read to them and so much more in my life. Plus a lot. I like living strong and true. Laws have been passed by (US) when we did not know Sh*t from Shinola and nether did cooperations care, nor do they care now when things are going their way yet the enigma of recent changes have to make us wonder. Who really is the bad guy?