We find we are no better than human and we are all we have.

From the heart those do only too be introduced to themselves their self in finding ones self over time and time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all. We find we are no better than human and we are all we have. In honor to my wife, father, stepfather's, mother, stepmother's, family friends and supporters everywhere I will continue to ring this truth. Discrimination allows superiority where truth is hidden and corruption tends to creep in.

This is the human equation. 
People change day to day. Things change, steal rusts while conceited blows away, but the energy that makes us who we are moves through us as we experience our lives. 

Hiding is what almost a million humans labeled sex offender are doing. Sex offenders fear their explosive environment. They are the prey of  superiors who know little, judge without hearing and continue to hide any truth for political and religious gain.

Governments, Advocates, Churches, and Media put pressure on sex offenders who are struggling daily to make a way for their families. These groups are one in the same who have created the realm of secrecy and oppress for gain. To be ashamed of being a flawed human who makes mistakes, is the responsibility of the person/group/s allowing laws of decimation which is abuse. Inflicting pain on any person who has been betrayed by that societies recklessness to hide the truth because of its own shame is the ultimate in irresponsibility. 

By continuing to advocate lifetime sentences concerning sexual offenses is recognition of the breakdown of group/s and any system/s which supports this human rights abuse .

Take FOX NEWS for instance or Lou Dobbs, who has for decades lied to the america public  There can be no justice where the responsible party is the society which refuses acceptance in an effort to prosper on the pain of others. Anderson Coper Mellon the eraser faced news caster and many more are not for a moment sorry for their error. Thinking that labeling anyone concerning life and death decisions with regard to sexual offenses has no validity.
It is a failed process that was used in Europe to destroy a nation and we went to war to stop yet here we go again, which was and is the dopiest most undesirable mad move hidden in a political agenda of public safety that has no bases in truth, has taken us to war on false , and made a lot of bigots wealthy in some completely mindless effort to create some  "KUMBAYA" Where we all religiously going to all get along together when religions have made a policy of battle over the pennies in the plate? Please take time to write those who can change our laws. What ever we do we do to ourselves. 

Mr. and  Mrs. Keith Richard Radford Jr.

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