Hey Joe Scarborough, Mike and Darcy

Sex should have no age of consent and people need desperately too get the who~scow out of our lives with laws like this. "O don't stop reading just yet, billbo. No law concerning sex should be allowed too continue. We have women that bury their kids in the back yard and say three black guys took them, wall them up or put them in basements because they look like their fathers, get their other siblings too have sex with them and then have them incarcerated because they don't want to pay to feed them, murder and rape and point fingers at others and use what they do to harm others. Any debate on the subject is worthless and no age should be set for any sex at all. If we put everyone in jail for having sex we would have no money left for anything. Sex is the not an issue for anyone when we have people with both sexes sporting both parts. We have some really broken minds and judgmental laws that do nothing for anyone except the people that get rich from these laws. Doctors want only professionals too touch children at $90.00 an office visit, Lawyers get to chase skirts instead of ambulances and the clergy get their choice of the new parishioner. Police get too do cavity searches in private and rich people pay other people to watch their own children shower. These laws boil down to the same grotesque social design that was used by the third rite that devastated Europe. It is all fake and worthless at the core, to design a social structure on a system that allows such activity, which is what this Which Hunt has shown. Our government can not sustain the cost and the truth be told was a plan used to undermine the structure of the US by laws coming from the legatus. The point that I am trying too make here is that sex is not murder. The connection made through law is not a valid connection and this has been know for thousands of years but since the different lands with different languages and the boarders between those lands have served the jetSeters and the powerful but will never serve the regulars, poor or anyone at the grass root and as long as were being poisoned, our water being poisoned, our minds being poisoned to the point that some would rant up a sweet over touching one another, something wrong.
These are laws that serve economic instability, waste millions and create places where if Adam Walsh's kid is still alive, which I think he is, can hide from family by having a few teeth removed and put in the head of another? Who was the other kid? Don't you think someone would come forward, Like "Adam" and clear the air about such a horrendous development? What did you do to Adam Mr. Walsh if you are in fact still alive?
The General that I signed papers with told me he spent years in prison before he was exonerated by the courts and suggested I do the same. I had a major player in this tell me that I would quit likely die and would have to be replaced during the effort which would lock the door to the process. Well I am still here and by the looks of it the door is still open with this judgment,,,huh?. I got the process by the short hairs and I will never let go. It’s not in my nature to give in. I know what they did and it’s not ok with me or anybody else if they knew the truth of it. Fact is that the wrong has been done and all they have to do at this point is tell the truth, but they can't so the truth will catch up with them. Most people never have too think about this stuff and largely goes unnoticed by most, but if people have someone that is a chip on the table and allot of money too make on the play, the guns come out. I was told once that the Medical industry is one of the largest industry's in the US, tied to everything, and steeped in law. I am calling you a cheat and a lie. I am the twice chipped guy.

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