Let me take you back MKULTRA

The making of these laws were initiated by the CIA when they used people in stress situations in a program called MKULTRA where the studios needed to push out a lot of movies so they would write one side of the dialogue to a script and then drug someone so bad that they were docile and then write down what the other person would say since the writers were often women the studio would not buy the script because buyers would say "no guy would say that", like The Duchess and the Dirt Water Fox for one, at least that was how it was explained to me though answers changed and some weird explanation about POV writing came out and then I was just informed by my captor that some had money to pay for a reader to work with and some did no so what was really the truth I can not be sure because most situations like this I have experienced prove the controller was usualy lying to me through the process called MKULTRA but as things got out of hand the process moved to the genra of horror movies and the making of B movies, called quickies, fast money, where some extremely demented individuals used both girls and boys in horror situations and the incorporated use of LSD to write and in some cases dispose of participants. One time on an island someone before they fake killed me they said its in your water, which I did not know at the time what the bloody hell he was talking about but time told the story. Things got worse and over time some of these guys and girls learned how to take on someone else's position. They would be the first to tell and who ever they felt was the hero in the situation would be them and everything that was done that was bad was the one they wished they could be. Well things got out of hand during the Stanford Prison Project and the church stepped in, felt they needed to dispose of all the guys except a handful who were easy control subjects and keep the girls. It just might be time to hold the church responsible and bring back those vilified by this horror that has ravished a nation during this which hunt called sex laws.
Now in the case of the Aurora, Colorado shooter he was the alter net to another and I can explain or you may know if you know enough about the design of the programs and the program MKULTRA and the extenuating circumstances concerning the game called political structure since it exception, the CIA project PaperClip the Georgetown tapes, Washinton, the list goes on, like the people that put this thing together in a very weird immortal way like a movie star, The Hunger Games, The BatMan saga. How many people who have gone through the mkultra experience remember their parents killed outside a movie house in reflection of the murder of outlaws said to be secret service during the bank/cattle/mortgage troubles all the way  back to the betrayal of Billy the Kid, or more fitting John Dillinger said to be a secret service agent betrayed and beyond like "I need to list every betrayal back to Captan Morgan or every pompous loon using morals to get some face time? Now these were the experiences for me and for each agent things were different but agents would pass/meet from time to time in hospitals doctor offices and so on. We would exchange information sometimes planed sometimes not. The point is my time has past as a trigger agent and I am still here to tell the story. I never killed anyone as I can recollect and that is probably why certain people wanted me out. So what do they do? Drug me, send me to prison, use me to rob as a scape goat where they get rich and I get jail time. Then they want to pass laws to murder hundreds of thousands of their creations under the guise of sex? Hide the human experiments they do and have done for centuries? My story need told so the perpetrators get caught once and for all time and the reality of the ruse becomes the  down fall of the actions used. When your old and your wife goes through  menopause do you want someone telling you that you can't watch a sex video or buy a playboy because it's against the law and save her from your needs for the short time to get past her time of need to be in the mood again? Do people really want to control sex for money or morals? Read through to the end of my blog to understand the view I have because when people are placing people in jail for life over sex there is something desperately wrong with that picture and when people can not forgive their mate for sexual thoughts then who is really human?

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