The Cost of SEX Laws Hidden more than you know!

Mr. Joe Public let's make some sense in respect to the cost of the issues addressing tax/litigation warehousing, relocating, court staffing and other costs has everything to do with the war being waged in the name of god by people who have no use for him against people who do and do this like some drug dealer surrounding them selves with children to keep them from being shot at in the name of the children they rip from their homes to waiting arms the family guy who makes a living watching the kids on the web through hidden cameras becoming an endless chain of civil war? Yet think about it. It has been in the news for decades, the lies told about sex offenders who have a rate of recidivism of 3.5%.  If you don't remember we are everyday being monitored by the wiretapping that was placed into law. It's time to rethink because this is not about the children unless it is seen for what it really is. "According to an article in ProPublica Roland Burris defied his own staff to continue prosecuting Rolando Cruz for the 1983 rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl in the Chicago suburbs. Later there was proof the man was innocent 100% Brigid Kenney, pleaded with Burris to drop the case She resigned, writing in her resignation letter that Burris was ignoring evidence and that she felt she was "being asked to help execute an innocent man." We all make mistakes but this needs to be addressed honestly" We have a bunch of worthless laws and law makers who have set up theft courts via hubby hoppers using unjust and unconstitutional laws in an effort to use religion as a power base for the horny mercenary clergy. I have nothing against horny priests and clergy but they already have doors on their church and now they want to put doors on America because their policies have failed everyone. In till we even get back to reality on this planet with an approach to the issue we can not allow Megan’s Law to continue. When we allow our ipods to apply the cuffs, or our cars to lock us in when the monitor of the software is on~staring you but your suffocating from a malfunctioning air bag and can’t answer if you wanted we have truly become cannibals through the policies created by an irresponsible group who want to pierce this madness like a key to a locksmith to find out just what makes these lunkheads tick. Something’s going to have to give and it not going to be me on my feeling on this issue. Its showtime! See the church use laws through government involvement and then use a tell on your brother to the point that they will offer drugs/women/vice too their people and the ones that are trying hard to fit in will fall into the I want to be like you and be your friend routine. Now someone in the power seat has someone to give to the meat grinder making them the good guy? Please,,, is that why our own DEA sells drugs? Is that why JW's exist when someone goes to jail the knock on the door with the willing ear can listen to the poor sap inside is willing/need someone to listen/talk to opens and lets that person in who goes back and reports the information which gets back to the judicury by way of favors used to help with job place meant and housing? It is a system but a very bad one when JW's are told they are no part of this world, not to vote or have blood work done, don't you know that the best place to hide a tree is in the forest? Well that is why the Whiteness Protection Service exists within this group. Without DNA they have no way to identify the individual yet they have a social order. Simple huh? Well this extension is headed up by a small group that is well connected and organized yet the definition of TERRORISM is: Organized Intimidation. Where best to find such a place to hide then in the ranks of a extreme religious order, which is only one of its kind in a gamut when looking at the Midianites who exist today to protest JW's International Conventions, a Jewish sect who will throw them selfs at someone for sex/rape just to get them arrested. Kind of like the DEA selling drugs or the family that know which grocery to put lettuce on the floor to sue the store. Well that is like what the sex laws will/have created where extremest will move from state to state to put their child in a school where the know they can sue that school. 

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