National Security?

Sex offenders are not allowed to work and live where they want and the laws are just plan wrong! In fact sex offenders are even listed in the social security law as a disability. Nazis started with civil commitment centers. We are on the wrong track with sex offenders and it will come back to us all. Stop the arbitrary hunting of people by US laws written by loons for churches to destroy families when their belief is sex offenders can not be in the population of citizens safely. Our law makers want to make jobs up along the way and all they know is incarcerate to make $. We have programs written by hackers that make it imposable to logon to the computer without being connected to the net, then when someone would like to call the monitors on there illegal activity the evidence against them can not be accessed. The sherifs department will place a person in custody and drug them out of their mind so when court proceeding take place they have no defense while the person is used through some great imposed moral bogus idea when chances are they were set up in the first place while the homes, business, money, assets of any sort are taken the ones losing all these things are usually poor and overly religious, the beat goes on as the rich have sex scandals and the poor have sex crimes and rich get richer while the poor get poorer and when a person shows up afar a young woman tries to escape a home the person making an effort to meet her needs becomes the criminal as soon as she turns on her protector for a more powerful protector? Please, it's time to see sex laws for what they are, not what people would like them to be. Sex offender are supposed to turn them selfs in to police within three day of a move, and if not spend the rest of their life in prison? Let's just break out the pink triangles and the coffee and a ride through town shooting people indiscrimantely like Girling did each morning in Ashwitz you net wits!

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