A law rushed through Parliament on Thursday night has the potential to punish sex offenders twice, says the Green Party?

A law using the internet connections of thieves tattling someone touched me while organizing online, getting paid tax dollars to set up one another for political and monetary gain in a recession? This is a scam making money on every home they can take from their neighbor, and sell it on TV, because unless they can get richer they have no time for anyone. These bottom feeders can't come up a way to hide their crimes except to exterminate/incarcerate their abuse victims before they ask for their homes back proves they may as well go for broke. They made this mess and now they will clean it up the good old fashion Waco Texas way and lie to the world. Try a goggle search see for yourself results where a law and the consequences of that law has brought a nation to its knees.do a search yourself.136,097 for murder17,978 for burglary10,947 for car theft9,065 for drunk driving2,921 for child molester64,000,000 for sex and the cityThis small group of garbage use fear and faith groups to keep a way of life reminiscent of the Spanish inquisitor unable to recognize that hunting humans is no more legal on the web than it would be anywhere except Borneo in the 1400’s and California today. We are not talking about fines/time for a crime spent addressing that crime in prison. We are talking about over reactive people telling fellow humans where and where not to go/do for past actions after they have paid their debt to society and now making a living on their suffering the web by making a living hell for people that just want them out of their lives. Bottom feeders striping their neighbors gold teeth leaving them blooded by their inhuman actions of greed seeing something they want and having no valid clam other than powerful people who will hunt a person down no matter where they are on the planet and continue persecution and now this has infiltrated our own credit companies policy proving its not about care it is about misdirected greed where one in 40 people in America are actively being monitored by someone else. This is absurd! Anyone who has been in the public schools system remembers school protocol. The guys getting away with everything were the same ones hanging with the principles. Now my guess is the outcome has proved the sex offender’s data base was designed by real killers. Religious people who feel the need to track down sex offenders anywhere in the world to monitor, steal from, annoy, harass, kill for an ideology missing incite for having never allowed anyone to live long enough to tell them they are wrong to their face. Spare the rod and spoil the child? Who is really acting like children on the play ground pointing at the sex offender telling falsehoods to see a fight and pick up the Lose Change?

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