Old Chip New Chip

My family was military.

As a child I fell from a tree and out of my shoulder came a device, that looked much like today's rfid glass chip.

Through my life I have been put through every sort of manipulation and people used me to put forth their agenda.

I do all I can to tell of this, and tell you what is in your future with this electronic ID being used in an effort to cure societal ills by this group.

Population control, is an agenda and like Ruso said if they want you out they just turn off your chip, well we keep moving toward that day.

The military and prisons have always been used to make men according to themselves because that is what they are taught to believe. Well they made Saddam Hussein and killed him, in their way so what does Obama have to look forward too.

The making of villains and hero's are as fabricated by this process as much as Hollywood would have us all believe that when looking for information on Noriega IE:Manuel Antonio we would find a rapper. IE:wrapper used to cover up the involvement of this complex deception.

They also have twisted the idea that religion is the good guys and non religious people are the bad guys when fact is the use of leaders in any nation is based on their ability to control by what ever means not how much they love the unseen but how effective they are in controlling the seen, people by what ever means be it the gun or the nun.

Set up a marriage force a person to except the will of others through outside manipulation of events sounds like a chapter from Matchmaker but it is as true as the people doing it and if they cant get their way they just keep it up tell they get what they want and that spells death, money, power, control, over life its self.

There is no justification in a process when we are used by murderous people lead to believe that justice has validity when its not just at all.

Bill Ayers wrote Obama's book too explane a subject close to him.

Michelle Obama was not always Obama. The sorted tail takes us back to the Weather Underground and the Bombing in Greenage when she to my best understanding was put into the witness protection program and lived in LA.

She gave bible studies to my sister who would come in throw her legs up and say do it or I will tell. My mother had to have something to do with this because she even sent me too elders homes to make repairs and they would molest and she would say they will take care of you?

The bet was put together by these people and I was to marry a wittness on a bet (setup) that was in contact with these people.

Even the administration tryed to get the right to set people up and lost that in court. This was part of an ongoing scam put into place quite likly before I was even born to make a sex offender regestry when Fox news and their new star Oprah came to the school with the cast of the new media and drugged me in an effort to start their campaine of building a sex offender regestry. Little did they know that they were being used too.

I was under age at the time so they needed the fall guy to make legal the most waistful and worthless way of money laundrying sceam on the planet, taking and waisting lives over sex.

People were there like Mrs. Norton who I told then I would have to play this thing out to know. Michelle Obama/Greenage in a discussion on the couch in her apartment told me that she asks that her mother at least be able to sleep in the Whitehouse before I said anything. She also tole me I better answer her call or she would kill me herself, well shes not the 1st or the last telling me they are going to kill me. I have gotten death trreats all my life, mostly from people of the cloth.

Well I am not going to be your wipping boy any more.

The people involved at the time at LAHS were told. knew and at the time had ideals and wanted to bring peace to the world, but it does not take long for money and power to set in and that is why some are placed in annexs instead of called home, the results were not expected or accepted.
I guess by destroying others we can justify killing for oil, ruining peoples lives and even hacking computers in the name of god.

The list of those asyembled will be comming soon but the ring leader was Waxman. Tell me you were not there JS, JD, SB, TH, CH, and the list goes on. I use to very religious, not so much anymore now that I see what its used for. Justifacation of murder.

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