Sex is not the issue.

I really think, there are people out their that can spell, and write well Butt: like Albert Einstein had the ability too see himself standing on a stream of light but could not tie his own shoes can not see the logic of ending sex laws for ever simply because they are the problem when sex law…

1. sex laws have no consequence as to whether someone is raped or not, the act of sex is not rape and sex is not in it's self an act of aggression especially if your doing it all the time till someone walks in and says hey we can make some money. So when were asked too look after our own does that mean when they go out?

2. sex laws make children property, our children? Is that’s a question for us or just to consider what people/peephole/documentation comes with such destructive thinking right along with it, so there is no way it’s all about them is it?

3. Do you think some kids are not born gay? Do you think you can beat it out of them? Are they retarded or are you? Do you think the freedom of information act can change disorder into order by order or decree or does order come from disorder/order by natural selection of the created/evolved chicken in~sim~anated by what/who to make another when everyone’s got to be somewhere ,,, even sheep huh? And, just maybe someone lied and it was not the guy your messing with.

4. sex laws make marriage a privilege? Like driving? To pay the state for what is common law/cohabiting is just getting what? We lived together for years before we got our marriage license in another state other than California for this reason and glad we did, now celebrating our going on a couple of decades together and sidestepping the marriage is a privilege thing altogether. Sex laws on marriage and sex require reform and it is a trap to marry into a relationship on a promise without some test drive and time to know. Living together needs and owns its right too reasonable clarifications when sometimes people just need to share each other and the rent to survive its great and less destructive when living together for a while give the opportunity to know compatibility.
Sodomy law is invalided and unenforceable [see Lawrence vs Texas]
Now I could go on about what sex laws do and don't do but facts are facts and closing the sex laws all together is the answer too a much bigger problem than what some uninformed or money hungry litigatetor might like to have you think. So we will just get a motor home and go have some fun away from the grammar cops and moral murdering lunkheaded losers trying to milk the system when 9 out of 10 new crimes are committed by people not on the list you keep building for fun and profit. Go chase some fire truck you dump trucks.

People kill their kids, then when confronted and remorseful/not, the good old boys network covers for them. They smother them with rules, their idea of love, their rendition of rules, their religion, their control, and someone walks in the process changes for them? Well with enough money, they walk out of jail, out of sight or mind and the guilt was paid for by the home stolen, live ruined, appeasement through easement of fines or time like that works through courts like a traveling shank whore doing it for litigation and money. Sex is not the issue.

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