making someone somthing thay are not.

Just a note, the people used too use me as bait for their sting operations placing me as a child in situations like a sandbox's in wait for abduction and one time they were so excited to have the opportunity to apprehend some one they shot me setting in a sand box while shooting the prep, which wasn't bad enough, they pursued this guy while leaving me in the sand box bleeding to death, when I finally got to a doctor he gave me blood and water (saline solution) to bring me back, my lips were dry and cracked, bleeding and parched because they had left me over night and into to the next day before Dr. Glass in Burbank California even saw me but that is only one small incidence I have been dead more than once, shot run over ect., and soon this information will be available because my juvinal records will be unsealed along with my case in lost wages, and having to watch as people were killed by what they call law enforcement, please people can not just kill people because they think its a good idea, like the time when one guy demanded my weapon and turned it on his partner telling me "he was dirty" and how do I know what but he said back me up on this and you can be my new partner, well then they don't believe me, and where I asked my attorney not too seal my records but he did anyway. Life is far too short for sex laws especially the way they are today and slavery is what sex laws are now. See this law must go seeing them making their own problems and the solutions created are fabrications for programs like cash for kids where one mother just lost their child to suicide its time too get our kid back from laws designed by sick law makers using FCC devices, hearsay crazy women and their daughters who have no clue what really hapened between one another but have hate in common, willing to stab or kill for a confession, why not just watter board each other in court and the designed failure to except that background checks are valid no they are not valid when people change day to day they are only as valid as the thought that cancer is caused by sex. Background checks make a few setting behind a computer screen welthy who truth be known would have cameras installed in everyones bedroom watching your honeymoon behind restrected phone numbers and redacted web addresses.

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