Police Brutality connected to State Sponsored Terrorism

I can not believe the extent people will go to lie.

I just spent from May 6th 2011 to August 25th 2011

In jail one month of that in the hospital in our

Los Angeles County jail after officers broke
into our apartment in a senior Citizen living
complex in Burbank California, called the

Olive Court, broke/fractured my arm, damaged
my back and in court the officer perjured himself
which if I am not mistaken is a felony and the
matter has traumatized my wife and me, all on
false arrest charges since all charges have been
dropped and the officer of the law has to my
knowledge not been effected himself though the
matter is being passed on too higher authorities,
but do you have any idea what it is like to be stalked
by police for 25 to 30 years?

My wife was forced to move from our senior citizen
living facility by herself while I was incarcerated for
just short of four months and we are both damaged
by the incident which was created by laws passed in
the middle of the night through a chain of events where
our house legislation refused to follow protocol
and ignored procedure and an executive at the property
management group that forced our move from or apartment

back in 2003 called Bur-Cal Property Management in

Burbank California.

I remember the day and the events like it was yesterday,

Going in to ask what is going on and being told they were
recording me and they could edit the recording to suit their
needs but most don't remember how people were forced
out of there homes being called sex offenders,

Now government law makers are doing a kind of damage
control by trying too stop bullying saying our economy is
under stress by people that would not pay their mortgages
not addressing the domino effect when mindless laws are
enacted that relate too everyone’s well being by arbitrarily
singling out a group to economically endanger through
legal  means placing everyone at risk of collapsed structure
which clearly a road to genocide used time and time again
by an elite class that must be stopped,  especially the maniacs
called Republicans/Democritus’s connected to religion
like Harry Reid, or Gwen, Moore, the dirty Debs' like

Wassermann Swartz, Eleanor Norton Holms or our
extremists and the like do I need to go on, which the
neighborhood’s here in Burbank and across the nation
are full of and now they all wonder why their are people
in the streets protesting, that they have no jobs, homes,
and congress have people in the streets protesting
conditions that have brought us too the brink through
misguided laws where everyone suffers because of
ideologies that has no merit taking jail house ideas to
our streets since the 70's which was a very bad choice
of action at the end of the Viet Nam War, used by law
makers and putting cops in schools telling citizens
we are all bad like Omar Gaddafi ran his country
imposing political and religious rule and
congress can't see the celebration in the streets
knowing that he is gone?

Will it be any different here when the imposition of
religious bickering is replaced with a break down?

This person by the name of Barbara Benton called
the Burbank PD and offered a bogus tip that

I was not complaint but I was and the officers attacked us

in our apartment at 1100 W Olive Ave., Burbank
California after a chain of bazaar events.

Far to numinous to list I will give some examples like:

Having officers come to our prior residence telling us

We could not contact anyone conceding the theft
of a laptop when taken to a computer repair center and
being told the laptop was donated too the arch diocese,
after paying a fee and giving our phone number to
call us when it was done the proprietor told us the laptop
was donated to the Arch diocese?  Having people come
to our residence with cameras and attacking us, being
taken to court because someone wants to force
us to move out because they want to put a day care
center on the same street when there are multi day cares
in the neighborhood already, having people going
through our trash and telling us that they are required
too do so by local officials. Having people going through
our property, calling the police and lying about
the circumstances.

Having computers in our position that will not boot unless
connected too the internet yet computer repair facilities
refuse to work on them for fear they would be required to
explain their findings in court.


My wife and me have been married for 17+ years, my
offense is about 30 year old and we are getting far too old
to put up with this stupidity.

Then in jail staff almost killed me.

Creating bogus test results harassing me during blood pressure tests
which were documented, and officers written up for the action by
members of medical staff, yet a doctor knowing this or at least having
this information available to him, still prescribing blood pressure medication
when I did not require it among other actions.
I could not stand without falling, near death they were forcing
 needles on me chasing me down in my cell with
syringes and prescribed 14 pills when all I am is a type2 diabetic?
I happen to be a sensitive person and have been put through

Far to much and my heart can’t take this abuse any longer.

Just the cost of medicine like that is astronomical; being a disabled senior
the officer would yell at me "I don't believe your arm is broken

IT'S NOT BROKE" Like he is a doctor?

This officer would take my sling and force me to have no
support for the injury after medical staff issued the sling
and threaten to pummel me if he saw it again.

Trashing the cell we were in and telling the other inmates
it was my fault they were having their property destroyed
along with mine as they do as mentioned above, the use of
jail house "pitting" people against one another which goes

on in schools and on our streets now as an outdated means of
barbaric control. Forcing narcotics along with insulin on me?

Do you know what insulin is made of?

Did you know that there is a good chance that some
medications can actually end diabetes but powerful
companies would do anything to destroy that if they can hook
you for life on something?

We do not have to be hooked for life on anything but people
with no ability to use self control would have us all think we
are hooked for life on things, Not True! Yet on the other
hand we have behavioral science people that what to make it
their way or the highway and force people into some cookie
cutter mold of being only what they see as any way too live.

We have ads on TV that say buy this and get a good nights
sleep, stop smoking and the side effects are only suicide?

"Common! Stop hurting, one another and planning how to
harm someone or put them too death and you'll sleep better
for sure!

I digress:

I was almost gone. Writing my public defender and
the ACLU for a month, (documented) when the attorney
finally came to see me they moved me to twin towers
across the street. Likely named for their fiasco planned
year in advance with their thinking they can just kill
anyone taking use back in time to the stone age? Do you
have any idea how far in advance these ridiculous
long range planners, plan these boneheaded moves?

Please read my blog on an exorcism performed on
me as a child and I’m 59 years old now.

Real savages and monsters don't like sex, anyway.

It’s a real nightmare in that jail. I was there while officers
stomped a guys face off, high five each other and then
soaked him down with a supper soaker of mace.

Every wall is covered in blood, teeth, and pain
for little or no reason.

Truth is, I was very close to death and survived but we
are damaged for the rest of our lives now we
(my dear wife and me) will never be the same.

A person who even today could not pass for black in any beauty contest
on this planet lied saying I called her the N-word and spit on her,
which if anyone has followed my writing knows that could not be, but this
person NAMED "Sereta Thomas" who lives in the building at

1100 W Olive in Burbank CA 01506 after going through our personal
belonging in the parking garage and I asked her to stop called
the police, then lied to them and the manager at
 1100 W Olive Blvd. Burbank CA 91506 by the name of
Renee Antoinette Johnson and said that I was raciest and spit on her?

I find that disgusting and contemptible in that my civil activism
has included over the years  a distain for the death penalty and
support for those like, Mr. Troy Davis, Maxine Walters,

Hendrix, M. Jackson and if my writing for them don't warrant
notice that I would never have said such a thing nothing will.

This is no way to run a justice department unless we think
we need to be a fourth world country which is where we
are if not headed toward, fact remains,

Terrorism is Organized Intimidation! What else is the
sex offender registry and sex laws if not terrorism?

The sex offender registration process is what terrorism in
America is and the monsters are in the churches and the
congress and spilling into the streets since the 70’s when

The laws we introduced.

If people can’t see that yet they will because 95%+ of all
sex crimes are committed by someone not on the registry
and their coming for the last man or woman standing as
Hitler had the right idea, who was thought to be the messiah
in his day so the effects of these laws are desensitizing
the nation to the sane ends if we do not detour this madness.

Did you know you can download a mission and team up
with others in your community to be terrorists against people
you don't know just hurt them much like the socialist
movement in the 30’s in Europe? Now that's organization and
the definition of terrorism and life is far too short for sex laws.

When this kind of actions is costing our humanity, courts,
jobs homes families how can we allow this to run to the last
man/woman standing what good is it except to bankrupt us all?

You think this can't happen too you?

It can and will happen to anyone, and everyone, its time to rethink!

My name is:

Keith Richard Radford Jr.

Ph# 818 913-3914

101 N Victory Blvd Suite L-246
and I approve of this message.

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