There is nothing legal about sex laws. Sex laws have progressively gotten more punitive over the years to the point that a person traveling to visit a friend or relative must report within three days in each state, must register their whereabouts and is legally confined to state or local areas and in my humble opinion after so many years on this registry (25+) seems anyone in direct option of the power players use anyone as guided sex missiles standing to offer us a coupon for two breast so we can make an inappropriate comment or sexually interpreted action to put someone on the list, what is to keep the law from confining someone to a home/room/grave? Placing someone in the custody of an individual? Who is to say that individual does not only want more than their silver polished? What"s next? Maybe forcing someone to sleep with someone they don’t know to save them/room/prison for convenience/death to blanche our budget? Isn’t that what is already being done in Motels/Hotels/Prisons where sex offenders/political prisoners, are housed now? Say a kid whats to have sex with someone/masturbate/take off their own dipper, are they to be put to death for the desire or the desire to have sex with someone not within an idealistic age deemed appropriate, or say that someone is themselves through masturbation, what is the difference, when the outcome is a lifetime of monitoring by people that have no desire for companionship/intimacy/sex/ even love unconditionally? Sex laws are an imposition where law has no place too tread and what happens? Officers come and beat you up, throw you in jail and warn you to go back to a slaves existence created by unjust law? Is that not what happened in Egypt when Israel slaves chose to kill all first born children before going on the run and spending 40 year in the desert dodging another religion, and won't that be the outcome in forty years all over again or something similar as these laws prove to reveal the final solutions again as they have again and again by the same people that have done this so many times and people are expected to register or die in prison? Put us in a situations where we can’t defend ourselfs from the law? The intimidation organized by law is wrong concerning sex. So quite frankly sex laws are sex slavery and the courts are the traffickers using law enforcement to facilitate the law of slavery to an unjust system of abuse of freedom to move about the country or even from town to town, apartment, to apartment, person to person through laws concerning sex and if equality were the goal then there would be no law, so then what is the ultimate goal as gender becomes the means by which a mother and her daughter can conspire to use men even their siblings through laws that have no defensive availability of proof other than word of mouth?

I watched the person inject the little thing into my hand at that prison in San Luis Obispo and getting my arm fractured, back injured, home broken into by officers has only added to my convection against the people pushing these laws which must be ended and the power taken form the law that would give power to such people. Its time to stop or face a horrible future that has no good outcome when lies told are so easy to be seen as what they are and why they are told.

Best regards,
Keith Richard Radford Jr

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